The facts – Problems and Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars

One common complaint about hybrid cars is their initial price. According to Cars. com, the manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for new model year hybrids ranges from $21, 100 (Toyota Prius) to $104, 000 (Lexus LS 600h). Adding all the hybrid technology to a vehicle is expensive, and some of that extra cost is passed on to consumers. As an example, the new Toyota Camry is available in several trim levels ranging from about $20, 000 for the LE version to more than $25, 000 for the hybrid Camry. The Honda Civic starts at $15, 000 (DX) while the hybrid version will set you back at least $22, 600.Hybrid cables

So, yes, if you are low on cash right now, the extra cost of going green could be the deal breaker. At the same time, it is important to consider the long-term savings associated with a hybrid when making a buying decision Türklingel. While the gas-only Camry is getting around 21 miles per gallon in the city, the hybrid version gets about 33 MPG. That could mean that shelling out the extra $5, 000 now could save you a bundle in fuel costs over the long-run. Resale value is also better for the hybrid model.

Another disadvantage of buying a hybrid are potential problems that could occur with their expensive batteries. Because hybrid technology relies heavily on the electric battery within the car, buyers are often concerned that these types of batteries will need to be replaced more often than would a standard, 12 volt battery.

Fortunately, the nickel metal hydride batteries in hybrid cars charge themselves when the car is not using the electric power supplied by them. By avoiding draining the batteries, studies have shown that these batteries normally last just as long as those of a standard vehicle. Hybrid vehicle manufacturers also include warranties to cover these batteries for 80, 000-100, 000 miles. You can learn more about the warranties on different hybrid models here.

Hybrid vehicle technology is complex and therefore it requires many resources devoted to its production. This means that the factories producing hybrid cars are likely creating just as much, if not more pollution than factories that build non-hybrid vehicles.

On the other hand, the impact of those hybrids once they are on the road is much less than that of standard vehicles, thereby decreasing their overall, negative environmental impact. So, while buying and driving a hybrid does not free you from pollution and CO2 emissions, it does lessen the negative effects.

Two features that allow a hybrid to be so fuel-efficient, the electric technology and lighter weight of the vehicle, are cause for concern for some potential buyers. For example, the high voltage required by a hybrid car’s battery could prove dangerous in a collision if wires are exposed. Also, the light weight of some hybrids may concern potential buyers who fear these types of cars would not fare well in a collision. Check out the safety rating of most hybrid cars here or review hybrid SUV safety here.

Other disadvantages, issues, potential problems, and drawbacks to hybrid vehicles include their lack of availability, slower acceleration, brake noise & feel, the fact that some may be “too quiet”, and lack of choice – as most car models are not yet being built as hybrids.

For people who want a quality car without sacrificing on comfort, economy, and environment; the 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid will meet or exceed their expectations. By combining electric power with gas power, the hybrid car is able to deliver better gas mileage and save the owner from having to empty their bank account just to full the gas tank.

Just because you want an economy car doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to have a comfortable ride. The economy minded person should not have to surrender comfort, the Honda Civic hybrid has CD/CDR/CDRW/MP3 audio system, giving the choice of how you want your music served. It even comes with a USB interface if you would prefer that method to dish up your tunes. To keep you from getting lost or having to take the long way around and wasting gas, the Honda Civic Hybrid offers satellite navigation equipped with voice recognition and hands free Bluetooth to help you be a safer driver.

If you like leather, and who doesn’t, you can add leather trim to your hybrid’s interior and a wrapped steering wheel to provide a slip proof grip. With the leather option comes other features. To keep you warm on long chilly drives the Honda Civic Hybrid has heated seats in the front and heated side mirrors to ensure that you can see.

This sleek, sporty hybrid comes with standard features, such as, fuel injection, front wheel drive, seat belt safety features including 3 point tension system for all passengers, airbags, anti-locking brakes, and much more. It also has the new drive-by wire technology that helps provide better handling. To get better fuel efficiency and still provide acceleration when need, the Honda Civic Hybrid uses continuously variable transmission in place of the traditional transmissions.

The 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid has one of the best safety ratings on the market. This is because of the advanced compatibility engineering that is put into Honda’s cars. Honda has tested and refined a body structure that improves the safety of the occupants in a front end collisions. It also has daytime running lights to enhance visibility. It helps protect the drive and front passenger in rear end collisions by having the head rest move forward and up to help prevent neck injury.

More of the safety features include airbags for both the front seats, with side curtain airbags to protect in the case of being hit on the side. Honda Civic Hybrid provides the extra security of special anchors for the car seats and booster seats that are required by law for children.

For people who live in California or other states that are requiring zero emission status. The Honda Civic Hybrid meets the standards set by the California Air Resources Board. These standards include a fifteen year warranty on the Honda Civics Hybrid emissions equipment.

Even though the 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid runs partly on electricity, you will never need to pull over to plug in your car. The Hybrid recharges its batteries by using regenerative braking and recharges while cruising as well.

The Honda 2009 Civic Hybrid is not for everyone. The Honda Civic Hybrid is only for the type of people who want it all. Comfort, to lower their carbon footprint and a car that is gentle on the pocket book. With a MSRP of under 30, 000 and getting 40 miles to the gallon in the city and 45 miles to the gallon on the highway delivers savings with style, grace and safety.

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