Samsung UE32B7000 Review

The most astounding feature of the Samsung UE32B7000 is its slim design. The entire B7000 series is alike in design, but with minor decorative touches distinguishing one from another. This particular model has a thin line of red framing the screen. It is not a small set at 32 inches, but it is almost fragile in appearance because of its pencil profile.

The depth of the Samsung UE32B7000 is less than an inch and a half. With a glossy black finish to the case, the set won’t show smudges, rubs and scratches nearly as quickly as some other sets. Since it doesn’t take much space, the unit can be mounted on the wall or placed on a desk or counter. The pedestal stand is just as stylish as the set itself.

Some of Samsung’s competitors in this size range have slim-line sets. They only get the job done by leaving out some of the key components. Samsung includes all its key components in the case. You don’t need to connect parts of the operating system via cables or cords. With the Samsung UE32B7000 everything is included in the case. When you pull it out of the shipping box, it’s in one piece and ready to plug in an play.

The technology incorporated in the 32-inch Samsung back-lighting is another exciting feature of the set. Instead of the fluorescent tubes used in other sets. Samsung has incorporated a light-emitting diode (LED) system to get even back-lighting with less power usage. Fluorescent tubes usually are installed in a criss-cross design that leaves darker areas and gaps in the lighting. LED back-lighting is bright and even. 55au7700

Thanks to the technology of Samsung, an LCD system can provide a really true black. Previously only the plasma sets could get to a full black. It is the black component that makes colors look brighter. The contrast of the black to the colors makes for higher detail. Edges are sharper. Samsung technology makes a wider range of color hues available on the screen. The images and colors appear with a faster response time. When you are watching sports action, playing games or action scenes in movies, the response time makes the difference between a good set and a wow set.

The issue of good audio in a slim-line set is one that has not yet been solved in the new television sets. This Samsung model is not an exception. The slim sets simply don’t have the room internally to hold the best quality sound speakers. If high quality audio enjoyment is important to you, you may want to consider adding a surround sound system as external speakers attached to the new television set.

With all the external connections available in the Samsung 32-inch model, that special sound system is easy to attach. The standard 32-inch Samsung has four, not three HDMI connections. It also has two USB ports and even a LAN connection. This makes the Samsung UE32B7000 up-to-date for several years. The LAN connection is good for accessing files on your personal computer. With USB ports in play, there are many other entertainment device options.


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