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Whenever you look for online playing sites many people look for promotions or special offers first. However, one of the most critical indicators you should always take into consideration is the software provider. When you see a casino, video poker machines site or scratchcard site the “powered by” is essential because it will give you an idea of the types and quality of games that are available to you. All the free money you joker123 want will not help if you do not enjoy playing the games. This si where a software provider is needed and among the best is Neo Games.

Who is Neo Games?

Neo Games is one of the pioneers of casino technology and they have become one of the leaders in the industry. Their specialty is instant play games that is included in scratch cards and some video poker machines. These were established in 2005 and subsequently have a proven reputation for quality and innovation. Their reputation is solid and is seen with their over 120 million games sold every month.

What does Neo Games Provide?

Primarily Neo Games provides instant play games such as scratch cards. These are travelling across the world and are becoming highly popular. They way they work is that you scratch the winning options online and if you get a combination that results in a jackpot you win. There are currently over 60 different titles with many different themes. For example you can choose sports themes, casino themes or even fantasy themes.

Neo Games also gives a rather impressive range of video poker machines games with some unique playing opportunities. You can choose classic three baitcasting reel, single pay line video poker machines. Next to your skin a spin on this concept with a classic video poker machines game where you can play multiple games at once. Next to your skin three baitcasting reel, five pay line games and five baitcasting reel, nine pay line video poker machines. Each video poker machines game has a different theme and comes with interactive fun, sharp graphics and sound.

Neo Games Accessibility

One of the favorite features for many who play Neo Games’ video poker machines or scratch cards is the fact that it is flash based and requires no download. For Windows users, the majority of os’s in the world, instant play means it is available anywhere even when you are not using your own computer. This means enhanced security and accessibility particularly when away from the house or office.

But for those who use Macintosh personal computer or Linux, a no download option is simply a must. Down-loadable games usually do not work with other platforms so it makes playing free online games extremely hard. However, with instant play, flash based games, even those who use a Macintosh personal computer or Linux os can get in on the fun.

Neo Games is a Solid Choice in Gaming Software

In case you are buying a destination for a play scratch games or online video poker machines, look for “Powered by Neo Games” on the site before choosing.

Neo Games gives a vast selection of instant play games including scratch games and video poker machines. They have a great reputation and are a leader and innovator in the industry. If you are concerned with quality, NeoGames is the way to go.

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