How to Create a Best Selling Online Course & Make Money Online?

According to a research, by the year 2025, e-learning course industry will break through 331 billion dollars.

So, if you are looking to create an online course in digital marketing, then this might be the perfect time to do it.

How to create an online course?

One fine morning, I was reading online when I received a notification of ‘FB live’ from one of my Facebook friends.

He was close to me, so I immediately jump onto see it.

Before I can see it, suddenly my eyes stopped on an FB ad which was catching my attention from past few days, so I clicked on it.

It was about a ‘free marketing un curso de milagros strategy’ & a pretty good one too, it filled me up with immense zeal and motivation to create an online course of my own.

And the very next thing I found myself doing was working on my very first e-course.

What do you think how it started?

Let me tell you, my beginning was bad, I mean really bad.

I didn’t have a clue where to start, how to start, what’s the first step & many other questions were popping up.

Whenever a brilliant idea starts taking shape, suddenly another stunning idea hit me up & they both clash with each other.

Soon I realized that I need a structure, a process to create my course, thereafter I started working on it &my first e-learning course came to light.

(Yup, some people call it e-learning course also.)

So, if you’re also looking to create your own e-course, then you’ll also face these road bumps in your way.

That’s why I guess you should know about these mandatory rules to create an e-learning course.

Different steps involved in creating an online course are:


  1.  which people can easily swallow in with their morning coffee.
  2. Making that first move –
  3. Finding the right format for your course.
  4. Selection of the right tools.
  5. Finding the right platform for your course.
  6. Structuring your digital course.
  7. How to price your course.
  8. How to actually sell your e-course.


I’ve broken down the whole process into easy steps for you.

These steps have helped me a lot & will definitely help you in the long run.

According to Akamai, almost 26% of the internet users around the world have taken online courses & this number has increased by 284% in last 3 years only.

It clearly indicates the role & impact of e-learning around the globe.

Till now you must’ve decided to start your online course, if yes.


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